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Cochiti Youth Experience, Inc. (CYE) is a non-profit organization in Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico dedicated to encouraging young people in Cochiti to make healthy life choices.  A large part of CYE's Mission is to re-engage young people in farming.

For centuries, Cochiti people have farmed, cultivated crops and animals in our ancestral homelands. Farming, in turn, has created our social, religious and economic institutions that have offered Cochiti people guidance for centuries.

Pueblo people, generally, were so highly organized that as a community they were able to take the most basic of human need- the need to eat- and create an entire civilization that was self-sustaining and perpetuating into present day.

Agriculture and traditional Pueblo farming is the ancestral gift, the framework that offers present day Pueblo people a guide to even our most complicated modern day social problems. With that, CYE seeks to empower Cochiti youth through farming programs and other health related programs that encourage Cochiti youth to be firmly rooted in the ways of Pueblo people.

bringing in the hay

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